Partnership with BBM

What followed this journey was a battle with obesity, and the collapse of his lucrative business. From this Dave wanted to change his life and get his own health and fitness on track, therefore he created motivation bootcamps which train hundreds of people around Auckland, helping people get fitter and healthier. Dave’s first bootcamp back in November 2015 he only trained three people, now he has hundreds of people per week show up to his bootcamps all around Auckland. A point of difference with Dave’s bootcamps are that the exercises are based around using your own body weight, rather than it only being essential to work out with gym equipment. BBM only charges a gold coin donation to cover basic costs, most of the people who attend are from struggling Pacific Island families and are struggling with their weight. Dave makes it his mission to try and turn these families lives around through teaching fitness and nutrition. HGF hopes that with their extra funding over the next three years, this money can help assist BBM to continue running, develop their community boot-camp and wellness movement and help scale their organisation. Specifically, in their first year of HGF’s funding, BBM would like to create additional roles to help provide administration, communications and research support. In the second year BBM will create three more roles as the organisation grows to provide programme development, training development and accounts support. Lastly in year three a further training and development officer will be recruited. The Hugh Green Foundation really believes in BBM and we can’t wait to form a deeper ongoing relationship with Dave and his team.