Thanks to the generous support of the Hugh Green Foundation, the Malaghan Institute will acquire two more full spectrum flow cytometers in August 2018, to boost what is already the most advanced biomedical technology suite in the country. Spectral cytometry offers a quantum leap in opportunities for developing more targeted and effective patient-specific treatments for disease.

“Unlike regular flow cytometry, a spectral cytometer takes the fingerprint of the whole emission spectrum for each dye molecule that passes through, rather than focusing on a tiny fraction of the emission peak. This unique fingerprint allows us to reliably analyse over 20 different characteristics of a cell instantly with only three lasers – something we simply can’t do with normal flow cytometry,” says Kylie Price, Head of Research Technology at the Malaghan Institute.

Named the ‘Aurora’ , these spectral cytometers are a game changer for the types of information that can be extracted from precious research samples, this technology will empower the discovery capabilities not just of the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research but of the wider New Zealand scientific community.