David Carrington Event

The Hugh Green Foundation invited along their trustees and some charities they have current partnerships with such as Springboard Trust. Social impact investing is a hot topic in philanthropy New Zealand at the moment as other countries such as Australia and the UK are already doing impact investing so well. Due to this everyone in the philanthropic sector in New Zealand is excited to learn more and get involved. Social impact investing is a growing field of investment that aims to create positive social or environmental outcomes, as well as a profit for investors.

So, what is social impact investing or social investing? As defined by the eloquent David Carrington it is “The investment of funds in an enterprise with the deliberate intention that those funds will help to secure a clear, positive and measurable social outcome, a public benefit, whilst also generating a financial return to the investor enabling the funds to be recycled and used over and over again.”

This is an exciting time for Philanthropists in New Zealand as people are starting to get out of their comfort zone and explore the unknown and take risks. The concept of trying to make money and at the same time helping people and the environment just makes sense. The Hugh Green Foundation is in complete favour of the concept of social impact investing. Hugh Green’s mind used to think in the same way of impact investing before it was technically a defined concept, therefore he would be proud to know the Foundation is taking leaps in this direction.