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Hugh Green "The Story of an Irish Immigrant Who Never Left Home"

Hugh Green's memoir is available directly from the Foundation for $20

Proceeds from all sales are donated to St Vincent De Paul. ($25 incl postage)

Please email us: adrienne@hgfoundation.co.nz or brianna@hgfoundation.co.nz to order your copy.


The Hugh Green Foundation is no longer accepting applications for funding.

Trustees have currently partnered with several organisations and will now work closely with these groups toward maximising positive life outcomes for New Zealanders in need.

The Foundation supports groups working within the community in the following focus areas:

Medical Research and Innovation

Supporting innovative medical research that aims to answer questions on health related issues facing individuals today; looking for cures or preventative measures that will benefit all levels of society.

Poverty Relief Through Education

Every child must have the right to a full and excellent education. They should be given the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of school life, and to complete highschool to the highest standard they can. All students need to be encouraged into a pathway for success in their adult life.

Community Development

Encouraging the development of vibrant communities that place high priority on the inclusion of, and support for, typically excluded and vulnerable people.
Helping these individuals and families become contributing members of society and ensuring they are given the opportunities to reach their full potential. We aim to create pathways for them and when necessary advocate for the fair treatment of vulnerable people and families.

Quality of Life

Every New Zealander deserves a high quality of life. Individuals living with disabilities and serious illness should be given this in abundance, they are deserving of a rich and full life. By helping these individuals live a positive and fulfilling life they too can contribute wonderful things to society.

Emergency Response

The Foundation is made aware of any disasters that affect New Zealanders and their families and will always be on hand to help where necessary.

The Foundation does not fund groups looking for funding in the below areas:

  • Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • Environmental

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