Great Potentials

Great Potentials

The Foundations latest donation to Great Potentials was to fund the HIPPY Training Programme in Takanini.

What is HIPPY?

HIPPY is a home-based programme that trains parents to help their four- and five-year-old children with their learning, creating experiences that lay the foundation for success in school and later life. The programme was introduced to New Zealand in 1992 in one location by Great Potentials and is now operating in 27 low-income communities around the country.

The programme was designed specifically for those parents who may not feel comfortable in their own abilities to teach their children. Parents and children work together for fifteen minutes a day with storybooks, puzzles and learning games that help children become successful learners at school.

The HIPPY programme builds on the bond between parents and children. HIPPY believes parents play a critical role in their children’s education. HIPPY offers support that builds upon parental strengths so parents can provide their children with necessary skills and confidence to begin school with a positive attitude toward learning.

Child Matters

Feasibility and Scoping Study

Funding a feasibility and scooping study to assess the credibility of a workplace child safety course.

Child Matters are a leading organisation in New Zealand in the prevention of child abuse. Through educating adults on the signs of abuse and how they can help the organisation aim for every child to grow up in a safe environment free from abuse.

Springboard Trust

Springboard Trust

The springboard Trust is a unique charitable trust within the New Zealand education sector, that the Hugh Green Foundation work closely alongside. Springboard Trust works to assist principals and their lead teams to enhance student achievement by strengthening strategic in school leadership capability.

They help to build leadership through strategy planning and programmes with voluntary coaching from successful senior professional leaders.

The Springboard Trust has already proven to be very successful with already having had a positive impact on 162 Schools around New Zealand, many of which are from low income communities. The Hugh Green Foundation partnered up with Springboard to help enable their ongoing progress in the future. The Springboard Trust provides meaningful opportunities for senior business leaders to positively contribute to their local communities, respectfully on the common ground of strategic leadership.

In 2015 The Hugh Green Foundation made a multi year agreement with Springboard to continue to support their work. A main focus of this programme is the strategic leadership plans for principals. This includes a twelve month action orientated curriculum to develop strategy plans within the schools.

They are also planning workshops to be set up in six different schools in which the principals of each school is individually supported by a senior professional leader. In addition to this funding it also means that Alumni services in Communities and schools are made possible. Essentially this is connecting schools and communities to work together to get the best possible outcome for the education of children in New Zealand.

Auckland Regional Migrants Services (ARMS)

Safari Multicultural Playgroup Project

The Safari Multicultural Playgroup is a fully certified playgroup that runs three mornings per week from Wednesday to Friday and follows the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum. On average 12-20 children attend the playgroup each day. Alongside the playgroup Safari facilitates English classes, parenting programmes and connection with service providers such as ADHB, SKIP and libraries. Women are encouraged to participate in play with their children while still pursuing their own personal development. A main feature of Safari is confidence and capacity building for both mothers and their children.

The Safari Project objectives are as follows.

  • Through a whanau-based approach, families will be supported to live successfully in a multicultural environment that respects their first cultural identity and settlement challenges.
  • Children will be better prepared for primary school - through improved socialisation skills/learning readiness etc.
  • Mothers will gain in confidence and skills for parenting in the NZ context, relating to their children, and supporting their learning and entry into schooling in NZ.

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