Papakura library Career Kiosk

On the 11th of July Adrienne and I attended the launch of the new careers kiosk opening at the Papakura Library. It is the first careers kiosk to be in a public library for the youth to have access to. The Hugh Green Foundation funded this kiosk and therefore we got the privilege of cutting the kiosk's ribbon. This kiosk is a simple way for the youth in South Auckland to have access to a wide range of careers that they may want to start thinking about for when they finish school. Youth Connections have a vision that the kiosk will help some of the youth be able to achieve their goals by giving them the ability to search and read about a wide range of careers and courses that many did not even know existed. The kiosk aims to help the youth to understand what may be expected of them to achieve the careers that they are passionate towards. It gives the youth steps on how to enroll in their desired course and an overview on what they should expect. The kiosk also gives some knowledge about the specific industry that the individual has selected and shown an interest towards.

Brianna Green