White Ribbon Campaign

I have been given the opportunity from the Salvation Army to be one of the leaders/mentors for the white ribbon campaign. This means I am helping the ambassadors run workshops and raise awareness for the cause. We are also putting together a big fundraising breakfast in November. The breakfast features on the news every year and is a great way to get people involved and educate them on this significant issue that New Zealand has nation wide. This campaign is a global movement of men and boys working to end male violence against women and girls. This is a campaign in which men are being tasked with speaking to other men about ending family violence in all its forms, physical, emotional and verbal. The white ribbon in Counties Manukau was set up seven years ago by partnering community members and agencies in the Auckland region to promote the messages of ending violence against women. The Salvation Army are running white ribbon workshops, which I have had the privilege of being involved in. Last Friday 1st September nine different schools gathered together at the Salvation Army church and motivational speakers that are now ambassadors for the white ribbon campaign such as Ric Odem educated the students on domestic violence. This workshop focused on student engagement and helped the students to think about how and why domestic violence can occur. These students can then go back to their fellow peers and talk about what they have learnt and to help spread the message about domestic violence. In New Zealand 1 in 3 females experience some form of abuse in their lifetime therefore it is great to be a part of the team to try and prevent this issue from further happening.

Brianna Green