The Hugh Green Foundation has recently renewed their partnership with the Blind Foundation for a further three years. Helping contribute to offer support and services to, those living with low or no vision in Auckland. Specifically we are helping fund the youth recreation camps for youth. These help the youth members of the blind foundation to tackle the challenges of sight loss and aim to provide young adults with the life skills and confidence to fulfill their dreams. These camps encourage the youth to face new challenges in a safe and controlled environment such as learning to kayak, cycle cooking, drawing and other activities that sighted children may take for granted. These challenges push the individuals mentally and physically and encourage them to live their life to their full potential. These camps also give youth the opportunities to meet lifelong friends.

Last month I had the pleasure of going out to visit the Blind dog Center alongside the Japanese youth team. We were educated on the value and purpose of guide dogs and the difference that they can make to an individuals or family's life. It was a privilege to be given the chance to interact with the guide dog puppies at the center and learn more about the life changing work that the Blind Foundation are doing.

Brianna Green