Recent Donations have gone to:

  • Pike River Mine
  • Ongoing Doantions being made to the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery

Christchurch Earthquake Recovery

The Hugh Green Foundation is offering ongoing support to the earthquake recovery process. So far donations have gone to:

  • Blue light Canterbury youth programme
  • St Vincent De Paul
  • Mad Butcher & Suburban Newspapers Community Trust
  • CanCERN
  • Canterbury Youth Services


Canterbury Communities’ Earthquake Recovery Network


  • Share accurate information regarding the earthquake recovery process with communities and affiliated supporters via a regional network
  • Identify and advocate for community based solutions and future vision
  • Establish engagement partnerships with key decision-makers in the earthquake recovery process
  • Advocate for full access to accurate and timely information that affects communities
  • Promote communication and engagement processes that are inclusive rather than divisive
  • Work with agencies to ensure satisfactory permanent solutions are applied in our communities that provide legacies we can be proud of
  • Identify established support systems for our communities and advocate for further support where there are identified areas of need
  • Aim to support communities with their immediate needs but also focus on the longer term strategic direction of community rebuilding

Canterbury Youth Services

Canterbury Youth Services is a Christian based, Strengths focused organisation that has been set up to train and resource leaders in youth work and youth ministry in and around the Canterbury region.

The way they do this is through training leaders involved in five categories of youth work…

  • Paid youth leaders and youth pastors
  • Unpaid youth leaders and youth workers
  • Volunteers that help those leading the above 2 groups
  • Emerging leaders
  • Paid youth workers in schools or organisations

Throughout the year they run two major events, Easter Camp and Amped, which are designed to grow local youth communities through a lot of fun, relational time together. Throughout the year they hold two focused leadership development events and have assembled a network of youth workers around Canterbury.

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