Auckland Regional Migrants Society

Auckland Regional Migrants Society (ARMS)

'Safari Multicultural Playgroup Project'

The Safari Multicultural Playgroup is a fully certified playgroup that runs three mornings per week from Wednesday to Friday and follows the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum. On average 12-20 children attend the playgroup each day. Alongside the playgroup Safari facilitates English classes, parenting programmes and connection with service providers such as ADHB, SKIP and libraries. Women are encouraged to participate in play with their children while still pursuing their own personal development. A main feature of Safari is confidence and capacity building for both mothers and their children.

The Safari Project objectives are as follows.

 Through a whanau-based approach, families will be supported to live successfully in a multicultural environment that respects their first cultural identity and settlement challenges.

 Children will be better prepared for primary school - through improved socialisation skills/learning readiness etc.

 Mothers will gain in confidence and skills for parenting in the NZ context, relating to their children, and supporting their learning and entry into schooling in NZ.