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Incubator MONDIALEInfant Incubator

Medicine Mondiale is developing a state of the art low cost, highly reliable infant incubator designed for use in the developing world setting.

The Medicine Mondiale Liferaft Infant Incubator is a radical departure from traditional infant incubator design.

We have spent three years researching end user requirements for the development of an affordable highly reliable, virtually maintenance free, infant incubator for use in the developing world setting.

Traditional incubators have air filters which filter out bacteria but these need to replaced every two months.

In practice, once an incubator fails in the developing world setting it is simply pushed into a corner and forgotten. This is because there is no one technically trained and competent to repair the incubator but mainly because there is no budget allocated to purchase spare parts.

The average lifecycle of an infant incubator in the developing world setting is typically less than two years.

Using technology based on NASA long haul space flights, we have developed a patentable infant incubator heating and sterilisation module which has a ten year life cycle, obviating the need for in the field servicing and maintenance.

All components of the Liferaft Incubator are being lifecycle tested to 100,000 hrs to ensure a virtually maintenance free highly robust infant incubator.

Using a combination of long life sterilising UV LEDS and nanoparticulate silver coatings, air within the infant incubator is maintained free of bacteriological contamination while the modular design of the incubator facilitates ease of cleaning using locally available cleaning agents.

While the Liferaft Incubator utilizes state of the art technologies, through the clever use of high tech low cost materials of construction we are able to keep the cost of manufacture to US$1,500.

The Medicine Mondiale Liferaft Incubator will be manufactured in accordance with recognised international standards for the manufacture of infant incubators including, IEC- 601-1, ISO 7767,ISO 9001,ISO 13485 and CE Mark.

In addition to providing a safe temperature controlled environment free from pathogenic bacteria, the Liferaft Incubator incorporates a non UV Blue light LED Phototherapy System for treatment of Bilirubin.

Commercial production of the Liferaft Incubator will commence in 2012 following successful validation of lifecycle testing.