The Hugh Green Foundation is still a small family run organisation With several of the Green family still heavily involved in funding decisions. The Board is made up of Green family members, family friends and advisors.

The day to day running of the Foundation is in the hands of John Green and is based in the Onehunga offices of the Hugh Green Group.

The Foundation has been set up by Hugh to give back to the New Zealand community and help in areas he feels passionately about.

Focus Areas

Poverty Relief Through Education

Hugh's experience of Poverty as a child has given him the desire to help others in the same situation. The Foundation believe all people deserve the necessities of life and try to work with organisations who work toward ensuring all New Zealander's have at least this. All children in New Zealand deserve a quality education, this is crucial to our young people living successful, fulfilling lives.

Community Development

Funding is given to community organisations who help vulnerable people and minority groups onto the right track enabling them to become contributing members of society. Also groups who are working toward creating vibrant, inclusive communities where every individual is looked after and has a voice.

Quality of Life

To enable people living with disabilities and serious illness to live the most normal and fulfilling life possible. The Foundation wants these people to have the same opportunities and positive experiences as the rest of society. 

Medical research & Innovation

Funding toward research that looks into prevention of debilitating medical diseases, and areas that improve quality of life for those suffering in New Zealand and overseas.

The Foundation's funding does NOT extend to groups involved with sports and performing arts.